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Top Gear (UK) Songs – Episode 06

Top Gear (UK) Songs list

Listen the music / songs from the episode:


  • Episode 06 – S23E06

  • Industrial Revolution / Part 2 – Jean Michel Jarre
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  • Container Park – The Chemical Brothers
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  • Petricor – Ludovico Einaudi
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  • Little Short On Part 1 – David Holmes
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  • I’ll See You There – The Chemical Brothers
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  • The Beacon Project – Steve Jablonsky
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  • Experience – Ludovico Einaudi
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  • Flash – Queen
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  • Thunderstruck – AC/DC
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  • The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
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    Matt LeBlanc gets his hands on the new Porsche 911 R whilst Chris Harris puts Honda’s reimagined NSX through its paces. Chris Evans discovers old-fashioned charm in the somehow new MGB Roadster, as Rory Reid heads to Scotland with the first ever right-hand-drive Ford Mustang. Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey and Man Down funny man Greg Davies are tonight’s Stars in a Rallycross Car, plus a treat for the whole team, including Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan.
    July 03, 2016

    Top Gear Uk Soundtrack List

    Songs from Episode 06 – Top Gear

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    Top Gear (UK) Soundtrack – Episode 06

    13 thoughts on “Top Gear (UK) Songs – Episode 06”

    1. Hi, I’m sure you get this a lot, but what was the piece of music used during the MGB (on the public road) voiceover section, it sounds familiar, but I can’t place it………………………………….

    2. Please somebody tell me the song at about 59 minutes when chris harris is taping up the mini!!!! I’ve been dying to find that song for ages.

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