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Too Hot to Handle Soundtrack (Season 3)

Too Hot To Handle Soundtrack



  • Episode 7 – S03E07

  • Unbreakable – Konstantine Pope, Ben Sumner, Glenn Herweijer & Rebecca Thomas
    Party Elite – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
    So Seductive – Felicitas & Tobi Bob Snoid
    Breaking All The Rules – Huw Williams & Dana McKeon
    Hate to Be That Girl – Nick Kingsley & Daniel Farrant
    Trouble Gonna Come – Blues Saraceno
    Try – Wrong Planet Music & KEROUAC
    Bad Blood – Walgrove
    Always Go the Distance – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
    Dawn of a New Day – RENAE
    Livin It Up – Bleeding Fingers

    Episode 6 – S03E06

  • All Around – Will Saulsky
    Just Too Hot – Raphael Lake & Aaron Levy & Ambrose Arnold
    It’s in My Heart – Izzy Warner & Stevie Gold
    No Love – ExtremeMusic
    The Earth Is Shaking – Rosie Oddie & Filippo Cimatti
    The Sound of Thunder – Nick Kingsley & Daniel Farrant
    Killin It – Daniel Farrant, Nick Kingsley & Jai Amore
    I’m on the Loose – Sam Shrieve
    I Came to Move Mountains – Red Means Run
    What I’m All About – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza, Marino Angelo Lemons & Thomas Ciengan Johnston
    This Is My Time – Klover
    Competition – Richard Macklin, Sebastian Truman & Eloise Weeks
    Take Me to the Unknown – Devin Hoffman Feat. Miette Hope
    Devil On The Shoulder – MUSZETTE
    Burn It To The Ground – Vance Westlake, James Oliver Hutchinson
    Falling for You – Nick Kingsley, Danny Farrant & Molly Wagner
    Breaking All The Rules – Jon Dix, Stephen Collins & Beck Goldsmith
    Pixel Party – Cut One
    Fault Line (EPIX Remix) – The Rigs

    Episode 5 – S03E05

  • Everyday Hustlin’ – Mosh Party
    Do it Louder – BodaciousThang & Robert W. Lamond
    Doin’ That Thing – Raphael Lake & Aaron Levy & Jane Afrilu Sammut
    Lost Boy – The Defeners
    Take You Down – Cut One & Kye Elliott Sones
    Time To Grow – Annie Drury
    I Can See The Light – Sonic Beat
    Hooked on You – Devin Hoffman, Rhett Tyler Fisher & Jessica Easley
    Where Do We Go from Here – Alex Condliffe, Noah Booth & Isla Wolde
    Secret Kind of Love – Nineoneone
    Put a Little Love – Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa
    Yours To Love – Extreme Music
    Episode 4 – S03E04

  • Beautiful Life – Raphael Lake
    Party Elite – Lee Richardson, Jon Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
    Get Dirty – Raphael Lake
    Gonna Rise Up – MUSZETTE
    Could Be Love – BEL HAVEN
    Livin’ our Best Life – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
    Bring On The Night – Cut One & Wolfgang Black
    Good Life – Bleeding Fingers
    Episode 3 – S03E03

  • Lost in Paradise – Julian De Vizio
    This Is Paradise – Philip Peter Dudley Panton, Oliver Wilde & Tom Barnes
    Pack Of Lies – James Donald Davies
    Shock The World – Pack Of Lies
    Summer Dreams – Matthew Rancher & Lucy Underhill
    Deep End -Ameryh
    Good People Do Bad Things – David Thomas Connolly & Max Samuel Rowat
    Steal the Spotlight -Mosh Party
    Live For Tonight – Photronique
    Episode 2 – S03E02

  • Don’t Wanna Grow Up – Robert W. Lamond
    We Just Get One Life – NineOneOne
    Crazy Heart – Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor
    Honey Honey – LARRY WAGSTAFF & Isla Moony
    Do It To ‘Em – Helena
    On to the Next – Tomas Altamirano & BodaciousThang
    Bring On The Night – Cut One & Wolfgang Black
    Style On Em – Devin Jay Hoffman, Janelle Aiyisha Clinton, Bruce Fingers & Billie Ray Fingers
    All That I Want Tonight – Drew Dvorsky, Skye Emanuel, James Howland, Francesco Ariel Coco & Linasko Licks
    Waiting For Your Love – Cut One & Kloe Shinn & Wolfgang Black
    Irresistible – Dana McKeon & Stef Tahlia
    Good on Me – NUMBR CRNCHR
    Good Girls Like Bad Boys – The Fun Machine
    The Dark Side of Love – Red Means Run
    Modern Midas – Dana And The Wolf
    Take Back My Love – BB St. Clair

    Episode 1 – S03E01

  • Across The Sky – Nikki Flores Feat. Don Benjamin
    Love Makes the World Go Round – Jason Tarver, Chris Dececio & Andrea Obeid
    The Good Stuff – Richard Mead & Amy Caddies McKnight
    One Of The Girls – Blues Saraceno & Stephen Bertrand
    Yeah I Don’t Care – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
    Warrior Blood – SHIPS & Gabriella Scarlet Chering
    Show Me What You Got – Daniel Farrant, Nick Kingsley & James Alexander Knight
    Like A Millionaire – Raphael Lake & Aaron Levy & Ambrose Arnold
    Come and Get It – Lauren Kinkade, Billy Watts, Mark Governor, Ronnie Vann, Glenn Nishida & Kia Glover
    Hammer – NineOneOne
    I Want Ya Like That – Robbie Nevil
    High Times – Cavendish Music
    Tendies – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Lindie De Jager
    Maui Wowie – Abondoned Jukebox
    Filthy Cute – Raphael Lake
    Unbelievable – Sleepless Nights
    Do My Thing – Mosh Party
    Bad Man – Blues Saraceno
    Evil Ways – Blues Saraceno
    All I Need – Bleeding Fingers
    Give It Up – Sam Ritchie, Kayleigh King & Steve Jacques
    Evil Ways – Blues Saraceno
    Sensual – RNB4
    Hit It Hard – Robbie Nevil
    The Good Pirate – The Bulgarian Film Orchestra, Gregor F. Narholz & Alexander Okunev
    Good Vibes – Bleeding Fingers
    We Are The Party People – Clooney
    Shining So Bright – Joseph Powell & Jerome Spence & Anthony Ladao
    I Lose Control – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Alex Francis
    Turn It Up – Raphael Lake

    Too Hot To Handle Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

    About the soundtrack: TOO HOT TO HANDLE is an reality dating game TV series from Netflix. The show premiered on January 19 2022, is packed with tracks from music artists like Depeche Mode, Laura Branigan and Heart. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack above.
    Too Hot to Handle Soundtrack Season 3 Songs – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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