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Revenant Soundtrack Season 1

Music Songs featured in Revenant Soundtrack

Revenant Soundtrack. All songs music featured in the show Apple Season 1, tracklist, listen to all of the full soundtrack songs, full OST music & trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, scores, and opening and closing credits used in the serie.

Revenant Music Episode 1
Revenant Music Episode 2
Revenant Music Episode 3

Episode 1 Songs – S01E01

1. play music Revenant (악귀) – ALi (알리)
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2. play music 악귀 (Instrumental) – ALi (알리)
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Episode 2 Songs – S01E02

1. play music Revenant (악귀) – ALi (알리)
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Episode 3 Songs – S01E03

Revenant Trailer (Watch the trailer for this Show)

Category: TV Series, Thriller Soundtracks, Horror Soundtracks

IMDB: Revenant

Revenant  TV Show Information
Genre: Horror Mystery Thriller
Release date: Jun 23, 2023
Country: South Korea
Production: Studio S, B.A. Entertainment
Korean Title: 악귀
Streaming: Disney+
Network: SBS TV
Stars: Kim Tae-ri as Gu San-yeong, Oh Jung-se as Yeom Hae-sang, Hong Kyung as Lee Hong-sae, Kim Hae-sook as Na Byung-hee, Park Ji-young as Yoon Gyeong-moon, Kim Won-hae as Seo Mun-chun, Yang Hye-ji as Baek Se-mi, Lee Kyu-hoe as Kim Chi-won, Jin Seon-kyu as Gu Kang-mo

Revenant Soundtrack (2023) – All Songs you heard from the serie Revenant Soundtrack. Listen to Full Music
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the Korean serie Revenant.

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