Power Songs Season 2 Soundtrack – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including opening and closing credits.

Songs and music from Power Soundtrack


Episode 10 – S02E10 – Ghost Is Dead

  • High & Low – Eza                       amazon-buy
    Angie’s packing all of the things that Jamie given her
  • Me and the Devil – Gil Scott Heron                       amazon-buy
    Doctors unveil Shawn’s bodie, Greg surprises Angie.
  • No Audio Preview Eventyret Om Bach – Spor 9 – Minken Fosheim
    Lobos in jail
  • 9 Shots – 50 Cent                       amazon-buy
    End credits
    Episode 09 – S02E09 – Time’s Up

  • Get The F*** Up! – Yelawolf                       [expand title=””]Beginning of the episode. Tommy is arrested and gets photographed amazon-buy[/expand]
  • Take Everything In – Angie Stone                       [expand title=””]amazon-buy[/expand]
  • What I Wanna Be – Reina Williams                       [expand title=””]amazon-buy[/expand]
  • Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches – Son Little             [expand title=””]Ending credits amazon-buy[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview Fire It Up – Twanee
  • No Audio Preview It’s Ours – Extreme 
    Episode 08 – S02E08 – Three Moves Ahead

  • Shake It Baby – John Lee Hooker                      [expand title=””] amazon-buy[/expand]
  • A Place Alone – Meme                       [expand title=””]amazon-buy[/expand]
  • Thirsty – Tha Citiznz                       [expand title=””]song playing during Jamie and Angie’s hot scene amazon-buy[/expand]
  • Lessons – SOHN                       [expand title=””]when Angela is in her car leaves the hotel from being with ghost amazon-buy[/expand]
  • Avenues – Jonny Two Bags                       [expand title=””]amazon-buy[/expand]
  • F*** It All – Elle Varner                       [expand title=””]end of show when Angela throws her phone on the ground and gets in a cab amazon-buy[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview Full Moon – Selectracks
  • No Audio Preview La Love – Dax Mafesi             
  • No Audio Preview Latido Caliente – Ariana Sosa 
  • No Audio Preview Atlantis – APM             
  • No Audio Preview Been Poppin – Wiz
  • No Audio Preview Got It Bad For You – 5 Alarm 
    Episode 07 – S02E07 – You’re Not the Man

  • Iz u Down – Kid Ink         [expand title=””]At the beginning, with Ghost and Angela Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Disaster – Chaptabois         [expand title=””]Tommy wakes up and his place is a mess, while the dog is barking Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Club Song – Mac Demy         [expand title=””] Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview Warning – Chief Wakil
  • That Was Then – Lalah Hathaway         [expand title=””] Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview Swaggo My Eggo – Oxossi (Feat. Kline)        
  • No Audio Preview Daddy Shuffle – APM
  • No Audio Preview Do Ya Thing – Leo Soul 
  • PRPL – Ava Luna         [expand title=””] Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview Same To Me – Juno         [expand title=””]Tasha and Shawn in the shower Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Lotto – 50 Cent & Rotimi         [expand title=””]End credits song Mp3 amazon[/expand]
    Episode 06 – S02E06 – Why Her?

  • Blue in Green – Miles Davis         [expand title=””] Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview Slurve – JP
  • Two Weeks – Fka Twigs          [expand title=””]Song playing when Holly was at the bus station Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview Rain Down On Me – The Outfit          [expand title=”Scene”]in the backseat of the truck, Tasha and Shawn hot scene song [/expand][expand title=”Lyric part”]We come closer
    Is it real?
    My heart pounding
    is all I can feel
    When you whisper,
    “Are you there?”
    I give in like there’s
    nothing to fear
    I get so lost
    deep in your touch
    This is so wrong,
    but I can’t get enough
    Too hard to see
    and I’m feeling the rush
    Take over
    Rain down on me
    Just don’t let it up,
    I’ll take every drop
    Rain down on me
    I can’t get enough,
    hope you never stop
    Rainin’ down on me
    Just don’t let it up,
    I’ll take every drop
    Rain down on me
    I can’t get enough,
    hope you never stop[/expand]
    Episode 05 – S02E05 – Who You Are and Who You Want to Be

  • Big Rich Town (Feat. Joe) – 50 Cent          [expand title=””]Intro / Power Theme Song Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Take Me Under – Tdot illdude         [expand title=””]Song playing during the end credit of this episode Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview For the Gold – Kill The Giant  
  • No Audio Preview Gotta Get Paid – Mighty Wyte & SoulStice        
  • No Audio Preview Life – Fulford
    Episode 04 – S02E04 – You’re the Only Person I Can Trust

  • How We Be – Sinkane         [expand title=””]Opening Scene with Kanan in bed with Sean’s Mother. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Ejected – Kidd Kidd feat. Lil Wayne         [expand title=””]Kidd kidd peforming in the club Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • King S**t (feat. T.I.) – Yo Gotti         [expand title=””] Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview Moonlight – Di Alo          [expand title=””]Hot scene between Kisha and Shawn making out [/expand]
  • No Audio Preview Millionaire – Jason Nova 
  • No Audio Preview Shots Fired – Dj Troy$e
  • Born To Roll – Masta Ace Incorporated         [expand title=””]Canaan and dude are in the car, dude turned up the radio Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • White Lies – Max Frost         [expand title=””]When Tasha was looking through Ghost luggage Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Tremors – SOHN         [expand title=””]at the end when jamie is watching angela leaving in her cab. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Just Another Day – Wood Harris & Young Dre the Truth         [expand title=””]Closing credits. Last scene where Kanan lights a cigarette as he walks away as his soldier fires into the dude in the trunk Mp3 amazon[/expand]
    Episode 03 – S02E03 – Like We’re Any Other Couple

  • Tremors – SOHN         [expand title=””]Song plays at the end of the episode when ghost and Angela are driving away in separate cars Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio Preview B.A.M. (By Any Means) – Chief Wakil         [expand title=””]Tommy speaks to Ghost while he goes to buy smokes, Kanan is in Tommy’s car waiting outside while he makes a call himself. [/expand]
  • Lay You Down – Schwarz Dont Crack         [expand title=””]When Jamie & Angel are in Miami hotel room. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
    Episode 02 – S02E02 – No Friends on the Street

  • No Audio PreviewLambs & Lions – SoulPlusMind feat. Born I Music         [expand title=””]beginning of this episode were there transporting everything on the van. The scenes before ghost is with angela. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • A** Drop – Wiz Khalifa         [expand title=””]Beat starts when Tommy and Ghost are talking in the street and leads into the party at Truth’s reopening where the girls are twerking. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Rebrake – Young Mennace         [expand title=””]Music starts when Jamie is runnig spying on Angie Mp3 amazon[/expand]
    Episode 01 – S02E01 – Consequences

  • Machine Gun – Chase & Status Featuring Pusha T         [expand title=””]At The Beginning. Kanan is looking for the girl in the pink sneakers at her apartment Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Believe Me (feat. Drake) – Lil’ Wayne         [expand title=””]End of episode montage: product arrives, 50 cent gives son the weapon, Tommy lays in hospital bed with Holly, Tasha activates ATM card and Ghost goes to see Angela. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • We On Fiya (Explicit) – Mini Thin Feat. Hellasik & Super Ro         [expand title=””]End Credits Mp3 amazon[/expand]

    Power Starz TV Soundtrack
    Genre: Drama
    Network: Starz
    Premiere Date: Jun 6, 2015
    Created By: Courtney Kemp Agboh
    Produced By: David Knoller, Mark Canton, Randall Emmett

    [expand title=”Watch the trailer”]

    YouTube video

    [expand title=”About the Show”]The series follows James St. Patrick, nicknamed “Ghost”, owner of a popular New York City nightclub. In addition, he is a major player in one of the city’s biggest illegal drug networks. He struggles to balance these two lives, and the balance topples when he realizes he wants to leave the drug ring in order to support his legitimate business, and commit to his mistress. [/expand]

    [expand title=”Cast”]Omari Hardwick as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, Lela Loren as Angela Valdez, Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick, Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan, Lucy Walters as Holly, Adam Huss as Josh Kantos, Andy Bean as Greg Knox, Kathrine Narducci as Frankie[/expand]

    [expand title=”IMDb Rating”] Power
(2014) on IMDb


    Power Season 2 Songs List – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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      1. That’s what I want to know I been searching and searching and came up with nothing how is it that that’s the only song not showing up in upset lol

      2. I sent the question to them on fb
        they told me di alo was the artist
        song title is moonlight
        and of course I can’t find it anywhere

      3. Di Alo – Moonlight. You can find it on his soundcloud page. Di Alo. Also you can find him on Twitter. He’s a new artist but has been doing music since we were in high school.

    1. I just want info on the song playing when Sean steps up in the game. From a boy to a man. What a man. Whew. Lala did that !

    2. Whats the name of the song that is played when hoyle is at the trainstation about to leave forever

    3. Whats the name of the song in ep 6 when sean and tasha was in the parking garage going at it in the backseat of the truck

    4. Why you can’t get the song Rain Down On Me by The Outfit. I have tried and can not get it.

    5. what is the name of the song near the end of the show, Season 2 episode 2 when the new General Manager and the guy who is buying out Ghost are in the limo andGhost and Tommy are walking up to the club. I cannot find this song on Shazam, or Soundcloud, or from any of the songs that were said to of been played on this episode. Please….help?????

      1. The song in the limo with Simon Stern (the manager) and kantos is “all this is” from Demrick. BUT you can’t find it nowhere ! Fifty is a smart guy… maybe this song will be on the o.s.t

    6. some body should help me with song that was played in episode7 season2 the songs was performed by an artist on the floor of the club after ghost asked holly to leave town. any bony with the title of that song should reply me. thanks, rockapaxi.

    7. The song in the limo with Simon Stern (the manager) and kantos is “all this is” from Demrick. BUT you can’t find it nowhere ! Fifty is a smart guy… maybe this song will be on the o.s.t

    8. Can someone please help me with the name of the song playing while Shawn was making out with Tasha’s friend

    9. What’s the name of song in the season finale of power book 2 at the end when they are leaving the cemetery

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