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Orphan Black Soundtrack (Season 4)

Orphan Black Soundtrack

Listen the Songs / Music from serie episodes:
Episode 03 – S04E03 – The Stigmata of Progress

  • Who Are You? – Spring King
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    Episode 02 – S04E02 – Transgressive Border Crossing

  • Tearing Us Apart – Honora
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  • Die Walküre, Act II: Du schufst ihm die Not – Ruth Siewert, Hans Hotter, Bayreuther Festspielorchester & Joseph Keilberth
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  • Heatwave – Serpents of the She
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    Episode 01 – S04E01 – The Collapse Of Nature

  • Control – Serpents of the She
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  • Prelude, Op. 28: No. 15, “Raindrops” – Stanislav Bunin
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  • Snuff On Digital – Blaqk Audio
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    Orphan Black Soundtrack List

    Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
    Network: BBC America
    Premiere Date: Apr 14, 2016
    Creators: Graeme Manson, John Fawcett

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    [expand title=”About the Show”]Sarah Manning reluctantly returns home from her Icelandic hideout to track down an elusive and mysterious ally tied to the clone who started it all – Beth Childs. Sarah will follow Beth’s footsteps into a dangerous relationship with a potent new enemy, heading in a horrifying new direction. Under constant pressure to protect the sisterhood and keep everyone safe, Sarah’s old habits begin to resurface. As the close-knit sisters are pulled in disparate directions, Sarah finds herself estranged from the loving relationships that changed her for the better.
    Cast: Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning, Cosima Niehaus, Alison Hendrix, Helena, Rachel Duncan, Krystal Goderich, Beth Childs and M.K., Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins, Kevin Hanchard as Arthur Bell, Ari Millen as Mark & Ira, Kristan Bruun as Donnie Hendrix, Maria Doyle Kennedy as Siobhan Sadler


    Orphan Black Soundtrack Season 4 Songs – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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    1. What is the warrior song krystal has on at her workout and the last episode season 4 it goes something like we are warriors warriors warriors.

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