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Good Morning, Veronica Soundtrack (Season 2)

Good Morning, Veronica Soundtrack


Songs and music from Good Morning, Veronica Soundtrack



Episode 8 – S02E08


Episode 7 – S02E07


Episode 6 – S02E06


Episode 5 – S02E05


Episode 4 – S02E04


Episode 3 – S02E03


Episode 2 – S02E02


Episode 1 – S02E01



Good Morning, Veronica cast: Tainá Müller as Verônica Torres, Eduardo Moscovis as Claúdio Antunes Brandão, Camila Morgado as Janete Cruz, Antônio Grassi as Wilson Carvana, Elisa Volpatto as Anita Berlinger, Adriano Garib as Victor Prata, Silvio Guindane as Nelson, César Mello as Paulo, Alice Valverde as Lila Torres, DJ Amorim as Rafael “Rafa” Torres, Cássio Pandolfi as Júlio Torres, Johnnas Oliva as Lima, Aline Borges as Tânia Costa de Menezes, José Rubens Chachá as Carlos Alberto

Good Morning, Veronica Soundtrack Season 2 Songs Netflix – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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