Control Z Soundtrack Songs List

Control Z Soundtrack

Songs / Music List from serie episodes:



    Episode 5 – S02E05

  • A New Drug – Digitalism
    Sunrise (Staying Out Late) – Arum Rae
    I Dance Alone (Connecticut Ron’s Return To Saigon Mix) – Swayzak
    Odissi (Applescal Remix) – Mordisco
    Night Date – Brian Colin Dee
    Humans (Lasser Drakar Remix) [feat. Adryanna Cauduro] – Sanchez Dub
    Music – Sol Seppy
    Winter In The Sun (Darklands Version) – Fontaines D.c.
    Episode 4 – S02E04 – Nada que esconder

  • Le Goudron – Brigitte Fontaine
    10) Satisfy You – Thee Vicars
    Atmosphere – Sofiane Belbachir, Daniel Vadeleux
    We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow – Soko
    Joanna – Sevdaliza
    Hold Your Horses On – Lasser Drakar, Stag Girls
    Episode 3 – S02E03 – Necesidades

  • Heroína – The Americojones Experience
    Stockholm Syndrome – Project Paradis, Mr. Carmack, Promnite
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    Mi Cuerpo Es Mio – Krudas Cubensi
    Te Va Sudar – Lorna, Fj
    Mezcal – Niña Dioz, Hispana
    Jazz Improv – Roberto Verástegui González, Froylan Saul Ojeda Briones, Jose Andres Cid De Leon Marquez, Diego Eduardo Franco Chico
    Supernova Style – Rafatel, Dj Milka
    A Palé – Rosalía
    Kid Don’t Be So Shy – Blood Red Shoes, Queen Kwong
    Discohouse – The Wookies
    Hold Your Horses On – Lasser Drakar, Stag Girls
    Episode 2 – S02E02 – El Regreso

  • A Ti Que Te Importa – Cumbia Manifesto Pt. 1 – Mexican Institute Of Sound, Las Dianas
    Swampland – The Scientists
    Rich Pickings – Nick Webber
    Always Is Never Too Soon – Tin Pan Caravan
    Episode 1 – S02E01 – No se puede enterrar el pasado

  • Drive To Nowhere – Silverlight
    Ads By – Little Wonder
    Porque No Me Besas – Andrea Litkei, Ervin Litkei
    Hold Your Horses On – Lasser Drakar, Stag Girls
    Control Z cast: Ana Valeria Becerril as Sofía Herrera, Michael Ronda as Javier Williams, Yankel Stevan as Raúl León, Zión Moreno as Isabela de la Fuente, Luis Curiel as Luis Navarro , Samantha Acuña as Alex, Fiona Palomo as María Alexander, Andrés Baida as Pablo García, Patricio Gallardo as Gerardo “Gerry” Granda, Iván Aragón as Darío, one of Gerry’s minions
    Xabiani Ponce de León as Ernesto, Paty Maqueo as Rosa “Rosita” Restrepo, Rodrigo Cachero as Miguel Quintanilla, Rocío Verdejo as Nora, Mauro Sánchez Navarro as Bruno , Lidia San José as Gabriela, Thanya López as Susana
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    Control Z Soundtrack Season 2 Songs – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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