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Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack (Season 3)

Music from Beauty and the Beast Songlist

Listen the songs from the show:
Episode 01 – S03E01 – Beast of Wall Street

  • Feet to the Sun – Mideau         [expand title=””] Cat helps Heather shop for a wedding dress and they discuss keeping Vincent’s secret. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • One – Ed Sheeran         [expand title=””] Vincent proposes to Cat. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Mean Streets – Tennis         [expand title=””] Tess meets with JT for coffee, he tells her that he shouldn’t be alive. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Our Own House – MisterWives         [expand title=””] Vincent expresses his unhappiness that he and Cat still have to sneak around, then they kiss; Vincent & Cat are awakened by Cat’s alarm, then have breakfast together. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
    Episode 02 – S03E02 – Primal Fear

  • Let Go or Get Dragged – Beginners         [expand title=””] During a break from moving Vincent’s things into Cat’s apartment, Cat asks if he thinks they’re moving too fast. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Wolves (RAC Remix) – Digitalism (feat. Youngblood Hawke)         [expand title=””] Tess & JT play a video game as she tries to convince him he’s more than a nerdy professor then she’s tells him she’s going to go out for captain. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Take You Home – Scars On 45         [expand title=””] Heather reassures Cat that everything with Vincent will work out, then they discuss the end of her engagement; Cat tells Vincent she’s making more room for his stuff; Cat gets a call from Tess. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
    Episode 03 – S03E03 – Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat

  • Night Like This – LP         [expand title=””] As Cat prepares for a night alone with Vincent, Tess calls her giving her an update about Agent Thomas’ case. Mp3 amazon[/expand]

    Episode 04 – S03E04 – Heart Of The Matter

  • Wildfire – Natalie Taylor         [expand title=””]Cat worries about Carol & Bob still being after them, until Vincent helps by distracting her with a kiss. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Heartbeat – JJAMZ         [expand title=””]As they drive home from their therapy session, Cat & Vincent discuss Zalman and the stolen heart. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Forget What They’re Telling You – Animal Years         [expand title=””]Tess finds JT drinking alone at a bar, she apologizes for not being around to help him deal with the effects of the serum. Mp3 amazon[/expand]

    Beauty and the Beast Songlist

    Network: CW
    Created By: Jennifer Levin, Sherri Cooper

    [expand title=”Watch the trailer”]

    [expand title=”About the Show”]Beauty & the Beast is an American television series, very loosely inspired by the 1987 CBS series of the same name, created by Sherri Cooper-Landsman and Jennifer Levin that premiered October 11, 2012 on The CW. Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan star in the title roles alongside Austin Basis, Nina Lisandrello and Nicole Gale Anderson.
    On February 13, 2015, the series was renewed for a fourth season, ahead of the season three premiere.
    Plot: Catherine Chandler witnesses her mother being shot the same night she is saved from her mother’s murderers by a supposed beast. Nine years later, now working as a detective for the NYPD, a case leads her to discover that Vincent Keller, an ex-soldier believed to have been killed in action during military service, is actually alive. As Catherine gets to know him, she starts finding out more about her mother’s murder and about who (and what) Vincent really is. [/expand]

    [expand title=”Cast”]Kristin Kreuk as Catherine Chandler, Jay Ryan as Vincent Keller, Austin Basis as J.T. Forbes, Nina Lisandrello as Tess Vargas, Sendhil Ramamurthy as Gabriel Lowen, Brian White as Joe Bishop, Max Brown as Evan Marks[/expand]

    [expand title=”IMDb Rating”] Beauty and the Beast
(2012) on IMDb


    Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Songs List – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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