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Songs and music featured in Neon Soundtrack

Neon Songs Episode 1
Neon Songs Episode 2
Neon Songs Episode 3
Neon Songs Episode 4
Neon Songs Episode 5
Neon Songs Episode 6
Neon Songs Episode 7
Neon Songs Episode 8

Season 1: Episode 1 Music – S01E01

1. Listen the Music Exagerao (From the Netflix Series “Neon”) – Santi

2. Listen the Music REMIX – Daddy Yankee

3. Listen the Music Exagerao (From the Netflix Series “Neon”) – Santi

4. Listen the Music Kitipo (feat. Amenazandel) – Dixson Waz & La Tukiti

5. Listen the Music Bon Bon – SaraoMusic

6. Listen the Music Está Cabron Ser Yo – Bad Bunny & Anuel AA

7. Listen the Music Wolves Teeth – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza

8. Listen the Music Cuando Llego – Javier Luna

9. Listen the Music Exagerao (From the Netflix Series “Neon”) – Santi

Season 1: Episode 2 Music – S01E02

1. Listen the Music Tiki Tiki – Ptazeta & Lola Indigo

2. Listen the Music Azafata – Calacote & Maffio

3. Listen the Music Telacuti – Lo Blanquito

4. Listen the Music Wepa – Wasel

5. Listen the Music Exagerao (From the Netflix Series “Neon”) – Santi

6. Listen the Music Perreo Palantero – Zetto & Inkas Mob

7. Listen the Music Una Loca en el Tubo – Dj Alitas

8. Listen the Music Chulita Sexy – Jo-Well

9. Listen the Music Perreo Palantero – Zetto & Inkas Mob

Season 1: Episode 3 Music – S01E03

1. Listen the Music Sammy Sosa – Patrick Michael Brun, LASTMONDAY & Ms Nina

2. Listen the Music OJOS FERRARI – KAROL G; Justin Quiles & ANGEL DIOR

3. Listen the Music Lo Josea – Santi

4. Listen the Music A La Buena – Efrain Rios

5. Listen the Music Kiwi Fresa – BK & Italian Somali

Season 1: Episode 4 Music – S01E04

1. Listen the Music YKI (feat. Morry) – The Plug, Mariah Angeliq & DaChoyce

2. Listen the Music Me Acostumbre (feat. Bad Bunny) – Arcangel

3. Listen the Music Get Money Get Money – Stuart Winters, Tiger Gates & Alex Nova

4. Guaya – Ricko

5. Listen the Music Hey (Music From “Neon”, The Netflix Series) – Gavin Moss & Ride Or Die

6. Listen the Music Lose My Head – Elara & Penguin Asylum

7. Listen the Music Villano Antillano: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 51 – Bizarrap & Villano Antillano

Season 1: Episode 5 Music – S01E05

1. Listen the Music Es Tuyo – Santi

2. Listen the Music Nebuleo (feat. DJ Blass) – Club16, Jota Rosa & Alvaro Diaz

3. Listen the Music Corillo – Santi

4. Listen the Music Corillo – Isa

Season 1: Episode 6 Music – S01E06


Season 1: Episode 7 Music – S01E07


Season 1: Episode 8 Music – S01E08


Neon Trailer (Watch the trailer for this Show)

Neon | Official Teaser | Netflix

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Neon  TV Show Information
Genre: Comedy Music
Release date: October 19, 2023
Country: United States
Production: SB Projects
Streaming on: Netflix
Stars: Jessie Camacho, Daddy Yankee, Michelle Cortés, Pedro De Leon, Sara Acevedo, Millie Ruperto, Gabo Olmeda, Nicole Diane Rios, Haydie M. Diaz, Onix Serrano, Cecille Colón, Ana Sofia Pomales, Bryan Lopez, Katriana Alexa Vélez, Jordana Brewster, Genesis Rodriguez, Santiago Cabrera, Emma Ferreira

Neon Soundtrack (2023) – All Songs you heard from the serie Neon Soundtrack. Listen to Full Music
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the Netflix serie Neon.

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