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The Little Death Soundtrack

The Little Death Soundtrack List

Listen the songs from the movie:

  • No Audio PreviewJust Like A Woman Should – Kylie Auldist             [expand title=””] Song as Evie and Dan are told to experiment with roleplay.[/expand]
  • No Audio PreviewThe Glory Of Love – Gyan             [expand title=””] Richard and Rowena are introduced.[/expand]
  • Mr. Sandman – The Chordettes             [expand title=””] Phil and Maureen are introduced. Phil attempts to make love with her before work. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Beautiful Dreamer – Roy Orbison             [expand title=””]Maureen passes out from the drugged tea. He carries upstairs and lies with her. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Nagasaki – The Mills Brothers             [expand title=””]Monica, the deaf telephone assister is introduced. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Brand New Key – Melanie             [expand title=””]Phil drugs Maureen again and again. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Two Sleepy People – Jean Sablon            [expand title=””]Phil calls Maureen from the car before crashing. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Do It Again – April Stevens             [expand title=””]Paul proposes to Mauve in the hospital. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio PreviewMake It With You – Lior             [expand title=””]Rowena tells Patrick that she is pregnant.[/expand]
  • Light – Sleeping At Last             [expand title=””]Sam draws a picture for Monica and shows her over Skype. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • The Air That I Breathe – The Hollies             [expand title=””]Song plays from the sex offenders car after h offers a lift to Monica. Plays into end credits. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Lush Like You – Sunbird             [expand title=””]Second song during end credits. Mp3 amazon[/expand]

    The Little Death Soundtrack List

    Genre: Comedy
    Directed By: Josh Lawson
    Written By: Josh Lawson
    In Theaters: Jun 26, 2015 Limited
    Runtime: 1 hr. 37 min.


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    [expand title=”About the film”]THE LITTLE DEATH, which marks the arrival of Australian writer-director Josh Lawson, is both an edgy sex comedy and a warm-hearted depiction of the secret lives of five suburban couples living in Sydney. Lawson’s searing and sometimes shocking screenplay weaves together a story that explores a range of sexual fetishes and the repercussions that come with sharing them. Featuring an ensemble of breakthrough talent, the film was produced by Jamie Hilton, Michael Petroni and Matt Reeder; and executive produced by Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Josh Pomeranz, Viv Scanu and Stephen Boyle. [/expand]

    [expand title=”Cast”]Damon Herriman, Bojana Novakovic, Josh Lawson, Stephanie May, Ben Lawson, Tasneem Roc[/expand]

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    The Little Death Songlist Movie – Tracklist – OST List – Listen to original score and full songs, Theme Music, film score list, the playlist of all of the songs played in the movie, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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