Leap Year Soundtrack List

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  • Nat ‘King’ Cole – More and More Of Your Amor             [expand title=””] First song. Anna (Amy Adams) is being interviewed for a new job. [/expand]
  • Dessie O’Halloran/Sharon Shannon – Patsy Fagan             [expand title=””] Song at the Irish hotel pub. Declan prepares her food in the kitchen while Anna destroys her room before shorting out the whole hotel. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Flogging Molly – Within A Mile of Home             [expand title=””] First song as Declan starts driving Anna across the country. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Lemon Jelly – The Staunton Lick             [expand title=””] Anna and Declan cook dinner for the small cottage and its guests. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • The Mamas and the Papas – Dream A Little Dream Of Me             [expand title=””] Declan and Anna lie in bed together after kissing at dinner. They slowly turn to each other but quickly roll back over. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio PreviewThe Colonials – The Irish Rover             [expand title=””] The wedding band plays this song during the reception. [/expand]
  • No Audio PreviewThe Colonials – I’ll Tell My Ma             [expand title=””] The wedding band plays their second song at the reception. Declan asks Anna to dance with him. [/expand]
  • No Audio PreviewGwyneth Herbert – Only Love Can Break Your Heart             [expand title=””] Declan thinks Anna had left him on the bus, and is clearly upset. Anna walks out of the coffee shop and sees him. [/expand]
  • Noisettes – Never Forget You             [expand title=””] Song at the bar as Declan sits on his own after Jeremy proposes to Anna. Anna catches a plane back and has guests over to her new apartment. Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Colbie Caillat – You Got Me             [expand title=””] After they got married Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • Eulogies – Day To Day             [expand title=””] Mp3 amazon[/expand]
  • No Audio PreviewThe Brombies – Waltz With Anna     
  • No Audio PreviewThe Brombies – Buffalo Gals    
  • No Audio PreviewThe Brombies – A Pint For Breakfast     
  • No Audio PreviewThe Brombies – Leaping Lizards      
  • Kelly Clarkson – I Want You             [expand title=””]TV Spot for the movie Mp3 amazon[/expand]

    Leap Year (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Music by Randy Edelman

  • Anna’s Theme
    Hymn to a Faery King
    The Slea Head Cliffs
    Declan’s Walk
    Ballycarbery Castle
    Stirring the Pot
    An Early Sunrise
    A Leap Year Promise
    Stoney Road to Dublin
    Racing for the Train
    Morning on Boston Common
    Bed and Breakfast
    A Steep But Beautiful Climb
    Dingle’s Senior Citizens
    Cross Bow
    A Texas Oasis
    Stormy Seas Meet a Peaceful Shore
    Cozy Quartet
    Faddle Fiddle
    Arrival in the Big Bad City
    One Too Many Martinis
    Irish Schnitzel
    One Long Bluesy Night
    A Father’s Wish
    Home to a Welcome Village
    Don’t Mind the Black Cat
    V.O. Lyle
    Love and Warmth O’er Yonder
    A Stinging Truth
    Right Time … Wrong Guy
    Settling the Bill
    Offering the Claddagh Ring

    Leap year Soundtrack List

    Genre: Comedy, Romance
    Directed By: Anand Tucker
    Written By: Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont


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    [expand title=”About the film”]A woman (Amy Adams) heads to Ireland in order to force her boyfriend (Adam Scott) to accept her wedding proposal by scheduling it on leap day, the only time when he couldn’t refuse due to the country’s tradition in this Spyglass Entertainment romantic comedy. Shopgirl’s Anand Tucker directs from a script by Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan. Matthew Goode co-stars as a handsome innkeeper who throws a wrench into the woman’s plans. [/expand]

    [expand title=”Cast”]Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, John Lithgow, Noel O’Donovan[/expand]


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