ISS Soundtrack. ISS is a 2024 science fiction thriller film set aboard the International Space Station during a time of intense global conflict. The film follows a group of astronauts and cosmonauts from various countries as they struggle to maintain order and survive amidst the chaos unfolding on Earth.

ISS Trailer Song

  • The music in the ISS trailer is Wind Of Change by Scorpions

ISS Songs List

  • Waiting for the film to be released

Who is the composer of the soundtrack for the film ISS?

The composer of the soundtrack is Anne Nikitin, who has already created for One Day, Mothers’ Instinct, Hijack, Dangerous Liaisons, among many others

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  • A Fragile Truce: The film opens with the crew of the I.S.S., a diverse team of American, Russian, and Japanese astronauts and cosmonauts, working together in relative harmony. They conduct scientific experiments, maintain the station’s systems, and gaze back at their beautiful, but increasingly troubled, home planet.
  • World in Flames: Everything changes when news of a major conflict erupts on Earth. Communication with ground control becomes sporadic and unreliable, leaving the crew isolated and uncertain about the fate of their loved ones and their nations.
  • Orders from Above: As tensions rise, the crew receives conflicting orders from their respective governments. The Americans and Russians are commanded to seize control of the station, while the Japanese crew maintains a neutral stance.
  • Paranoia and Betrayal: With loyalties divided and suspicions running high, the crew begins to fracture. Paranoia takes hold, and alliances shift as the astronauts and cosmonauts grapple with the moral implications of their actions and the potential consequences of failure.
  • Desperate Measures: As resources dwindle and the situation on Earth deteriorates, the crew must make impossible choices to ensure their survival. They face technical challenges, psychological breakdowns, and even physical confrontations as they fight to keep the I.S.S. operational and resist the forces tearing them apart.
  • A Uncertain Future: The film’s ending is ambiguous, leaving viewers to ponder the fate of the crew and the future of humanity. Will they find a way to overcome their differences and cooperate, or will the conflict on Earth ultimately doom them all?
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IMDb, Sci-Fi, Thriller

I.S.S. is a tense and thought-provoking film that explores the human capacity for both cooperation and conflict in the face of extreme adversity. It raises questions about the fragility of peace, the dangers of nationalism, and the importance of international collaboration in times of crisis.

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