Bad Trip Soundtrack


Complete List of Songs / Music from the movie:



  • Soul On Top (feat. Louis Baker) – Boca 45
    Bad Bitch (ft. Cam & China) – Samantha Powell
    Holy Calamity [Bear Witness II] [feat. DJ Shadow & DJ Quest] – Handsome Boy Modeling School
    Toots Number Two – Ben Davis
    I Saw a Girl Today (feat. Eric Andre) – Joseph Shirley, Ludwig Göransson & Jeff Tinsley
    Queso – Pell
    Red Barn Blues – Ben Davis
    I Dont Give a F*** (ft. Cam & China) – Samantha Powell
    Farmer Jeff (Acoustic) – Ben Davis, Christopher McKeon
    My Baby Likes to Rock It – Prentis Goodwin
    I Was Born a Rebel – Jim Wolfe
    Eight Hour Automobile – Prentis Goodwin
    Bar Room Floor – Nick Burke
    Dream Girl – Barry Richards
    B Boy Joint – The Impossebulls
    Booty-Whop – Big Freedia
    It Takes Pride to Be a Working Man – Nick Burke
    Thank You For Being A Friend – Andrew Gold
    Knockout – Yung Gravy
    Party Up (Up In Here) – DMX


    Soundtrack from the movie Bad Trip 2021. Listen to the Soundtrack. Complete List of Songs; with Music Samples & Trailer Songs

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