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The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Soundtrack

Listen the Music / Songs from the movie:

  • Flower Duet (From ‘Lakme’) – Léo Delibes
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  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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  • Friends – Blake Shelton
  • I Will Survive – Demi Lovato
  • Wonderful Life (Mi Oh My) – Matoma
  • On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons
  • Explode – Charli XCX
  • Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
  • Rock You Like a Hurricane – Scorpions
  • Fight – Steve Aoki
  • Wild Thing – Tone-Loc
  • Sound of da Police – KRS-ONE
  • Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit
  • The Mighty Eagle Song – Peter Dinklage
  • The Mighty Red Song – The Hatchlings
  • The Angry Birds Movie Score Medley – Heitor Pereira
  • Paranoid – Black Sabbath
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    Angry Birds Trailer Songs

  • Close To You – Carpenters
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  • Bad – Michael Jackson
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    Angry Birds Soundtrack List

    Genre: Animation, Kids & Family
    Directed By: Clay Kaytis, Fergal Reilly
    Written By: Jon Vitti
    Runtime: 1 hr. 35 min.

    [expand title=”Watch the trailer”]

    [expand title=”About the film”]The movie takes place on Bird Island, an untouched paradise inhabited by birds who are naive and innocent, who know nothing of the outside world. They treasure eggs above all else, and are all carefree and easygoing, except for few.
    One of these birds is Red, a societal outcast who has had anger issues from the very beginning. Eventually, his outbursts become too much and he is sentenced to anger management courses, where he meets other misfit birds with similar problems.
    The birds are suddenly visited by green pigs, who are dumb but funny. The birds and pigs quickly befriend each other, but Red does not trust the pigs at all. Ultimately, the pigs reveal their true colors, and leads to Red leading the entire flock in a “maddening” frenzy of rightful revenge as well as finding the right means of dealing with rage.
    Cast: Peter Dinklage, Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph, Sean Penn, Tony Hale, Charli XCX,


    The Angry Birds Movie Soundtrack Songlist Movie – Tracklist – OST List – Listen to original score and full songs, Theme Music, film score list, the playlist of all of the songs played in the movie, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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