Jagged Mind Soundtrack 2023. All songs music featured in the movie, tracklist, listen to all of the full soundtrack songs, full OST music & trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, scores, and opening and closing credits used in the movie.

Songs and music featured in Jagged Mind Soundtrack

1. Kite Zo A – Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray
2. Simple Life – Sun Gods to Gamma Rays
3. Immerse Yourself – Marlon D. Becker
4. Luck & Mercy – Isaac Delusion
5. Only One Love – Pat Edwards
6. A Little More – All Eyes
7. Who Is This America Dem Speak Of Today? – Antibalas
8. Slowly (Nok Not Remix) – Kr3ture & Kayla Diana
9. Up The Heat – Alana D Fonseca
10. Clinical Depression – Lee Blaske Trio


Jagged Mind Trailer Song

1. play music Raise Your High – Drew Milligan
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Jagged Mind Trailer (Watch the trailer for this Movie / Film)

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IMDB: Jagged Mind

Jagged Mind  Film information
Movie Genre: Horror Thriller
Release date: June 15, 2023
Production: 20th Digital Studio, Palabra Productions
Country: United States
Director: Kelley Kali
Streaming on: Hulu
Stars: Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Billy, Shannon Woodward as Alex, Rosaline Elbay as Christine, Kate Szekely as Kim, Jimmy Jean-Louis as Papa Juste, Benjamin Valenzuela as Jake, Brandi Huzzie as Denise, Lamar Usher, Loren Swan, Kelley Kali

Jagged Mind Soundtrack (2023) – All Songs you heard from the movie Jagged Mind Soundtrack. Listen to Full Music
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the film Jagged Mind.

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