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Episode 08 – S07E08 – Lending a Shoulder

  • Om Namah Shivaya – Masood Ali Khan & David Schommer       
    Funeral ceremony for Divya’s grandmother Mp3 amazon
  • Carry You, Carry Me – Matthew Mayfield       
    End of episode Mp3 amazon
    Episode 07 – S07E07 – Lama Trauma

  • No songs
    Episode 06 – S07E06 – Secret Aisan Man

  • No Audio Preview Kapitel 2: Die Verschwundenen Fische – Yakari       
    Hank has dinner with Ken, Helen and Grace
  • Tiger Room – Jet Trash       
    Hank running around the estate Mp3 amazon
  • Somebody Sometime – Matthew Barber       
    Jeremiah and Divia are in the office at the end. Mp3 amazon

    Episode 05 – S07E05 – Voices Carry

  • Silly Boy – The Blue Van       
    Paige and Ziva are hiding from her various love interests as this song plays. Mp3 amazon

    Episode 04 – S07E04 – The Prince of Nucleotides

  • ——
    Episode 03 – S07E03 – Playing Doctor

  • Love Shot – The Blue Van        
    Paige gets out of bed for a glass of water, the next morning, Hank finds Becky sleeping downstairs Mp3 amazon
    Episode 02 – S07E02 – False Start

  • No Audio PreviewNew Day – Langhorne Slim        
    Paige gets out of bed for a glass of water, the next morning, Hank finds Becky sleeping downstairs
  • Kayfabe – Holiday Friends        
    Evan and Paige go to the sperm bank. Mp3 amazon
    Episode 01 – S07E01 – Rebound

  • Worth Fighting For – Emily Hearn        
    Hank and Charlotte walking on the beach. Hank proposes. Mp3 amazon
  • I Had to Carry Her (Virginia’s Song) – William Fitzsimmons        
    Paige comes to the hospital to tell Evan about the false alarm. Mp3 amazon
  • This Head I Hold – Electric Guest        
    Hank opening a bottle of wine. Mp3 amazon
  • Chevere Que Chevere – Joe Bataan        
    Hank and Divya talking about Aubrey at the party. Mp3 amazon
  • Pittsburgh – William Fitzsimmons        
    Hank sits with Aubrey on the steps and explains her diagnosis to her. Mp3 amazon

    Royal Pains Soundtrack List

    Genre: Drama
    Network: USA
    Premiere Date: Jun 2, 2015
    Created By: Andrew Lenchewski, John Rogers
    Produced By: Frank Rich, Paul Frank, Jeffrey Kwatinetz, Michael Rauch


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    About the Show
    A down and out surgeon has a chance to redeem himself as a small town physician in the wealthy beach community of East Hampton, NY. Royal Pains is produced and distributed by Universal Cable Productions and USA Network.
    Mark Feuerstein as Hank Lawson, Paulo Costanzo as Evan Lawson, Reshma Shetty as Divya Katdare, Brooke D’Orsay
    as Paige Collins, Henry Winkler as Eddie R. Lawson Campbell Scott, Campbell Scott as Boris Kuester
    IMDb Rating
     Royal Pains
(2009) on IMDb


    Royal Pains Soundtrack Season 7 – Songs List – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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      Hi! If its possible, i want to now name of the song that plays in the end of “ROYAL PAINS S07E03 Playing Doctor”.

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