Endeavour Soundtrack

Listen the songs from the serie’s episodes:


  • Episode 04 – S04E04 – Harvest

  • Mozart: Requiem in D minor, K.626 – 3. Sequentia: Dies irae – BBC Singers and Jane Glover and London Mozart Players
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  • Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones
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    Episode 03 – S04E03 – Lazaretto

  • Charmaine – Mantovani & His Orchestra
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  • Quintet for Two Violins, Viola and Two Cellos in C major, Op. 163: II. Adagio – Kocian Quartet & Daniel Veis
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  • I Get Along Without You Very Well – Chet Baker
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    Episode 02 – S04E02 – Canticle

  • No Audio Preview Kiss Me (feat. Sharlette Henry) – Endeavour Cast
  • Turn Into Earth – The Yardbirds
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  • Red House – Jimi Hendrix
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  • No Audio Preview Jennifer Sometimes (feat. Michael Fox, Jonathan Barnwell, Dario Coates & Will Payne) – Endeavour Cast
  • I Feel Free – Cream
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  • String Quartet No. 14 In D Minor D.810, “Death and the Maiden”: I. Allegro – Alban Berg Quartett
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  • Requiem, Requiem: Requiem – Bo Wannefors, Swedish Radio Choir, Julian Konstantinov, Angela Gheorghiu, Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, Choeurs Orfeon Donostiarra, Berliner Philharmoniker, Daniella Barcellona, José Antonio Sainz Alfaro, Roberto Alagna & Claudio Abbado
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    Episode 01 – S04E01 – Game

  • No Audio Preview Gnossienne No. 1 – Lent Cristal baschet – Erik Satie
  • White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
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    Endeavour Soundtrack List

    Created by: Russell Lewis (as deviser)
    Based on: Characters created by Colin Dexter
    Original network: ITV, STV, UTV

    [expand title=”Watch the Promo”][/expand]
    [expand title=”About the Show”]Set in mid to late 1960s Oxford, England, the series centres on the early career of Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans) after he has left Lonsdale College of Oxford University late in his third year without taking a degree, spent a short time in the Royal Corps of Signals as a cipher clerk, and then joined the Carshall-Newtown Police. In the pilot episode, having been transferred to CID after only two years as a uniformed police constable, the young DC Morse soon becomes disillusioned with law enforcement and begins writing a resignation letter. Before he can resign, Morse is sent with other detectives from the Carshall-Newtown Police to the Oxford City Police’s Cowley Police Station to assist in investigating the case of a missing fifteen-year-old schoolgirl.

    Having studied at Oxford gives Morse advantages and disadvantages when dealing with Oxford’s “town and gown” divide. During the pilot episode, he tenders his resignation but his superior, veteran Detective Inspector Fred Thursday (Roger Allam), the “guv” at the Oxford City Police’s CID, sees in him an unblemished detective whom he can trust and takes him under his wing to be his new “bag man” meaning assistant, replacing a corrupt Detective Sergeant.
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    Endeavour Soundtrack Season 4 – Songs List – Tracklist – Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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    1. VideoPortal

      March 14, 2017 at 10:24 am

      In the closing moments, as Thursday asks Morse where he sees himself in twenty years, Endeavour looks in the rear view mirror and sees the face of John Thaw . At the same time, the original series music begins, and plays through the credits.

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