Project Almanac Soundtrack List

Listen the songs from the movie:

  • Jungle – Jamie N Commons and X Ambassadors            
    David filming his introductory short film to apply to MIT. Last scene of the movie. Mp3 amazon
  • Thunder Clatter – Wild Cub    
    PDriving away from school, this song plays in the car right before it breaks down. Mp3 amazon
  • Brother – X Ambassadors    
    Plays in the car when David arrives back at home and realizes his mom has sold the house to pay for his MIT tuition. Mp3 amazon
  • Caught Up – Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas    
    The gang talking about controling the time machine. Mp3 amazon
  • This World is Yours – Adam Martins    
    In David’s basement, building the time machine. Mp3 amazon
  • #LITO (J-3 Remix) – Press Play    
    During and after the 1st trial of the Almanac Project. Song played at the party next to his house.
    They steal energy from the party. Mp3 amazon
  • Love Audio (David Thulin vs. Matthew Parker Remix) – Press Play    
    In David’s basement, discussing plans of what to do and how to use the time machine. Mp3 amazon
  • Tongue Tied – Grouplove    
    The gang having fun with the money won in the lottery. Mp3 amazon
  • Born to Rage – Dada Life    
    Plays at the party after Jessie is officially part of the gang Mp3 amazon
  • Radioactive – Imagine Dragons    
    They go to Lollapalooza, 3 months back, at a concert. The band plays this song. Mp3 amazon
  • Electric – Atlas Genius    
    David brings the gang back stage passes. Mp3 amazon
  • Trojans – Atlas Genius    
    The gang goes back stage and on the stage. Throw balloons out into the crowd. The gang having fun. Mp3 amazon
  • Fantasy – MS MR    
    Plays in the background while David and Jessie talk about what to do before the world ends and when he alone goes back in time to kiss her. Mp3 amazon
  • Requiem – Mark Sixma    
    Sings at the beach party. Mp3 amazon
  • Hey Love – Miner    
    David and Jessie in bed and acting in love. Mp3 amazon
  • Empathy – Bassnectar    
    Mp3 amazon
  • Shadow of a Man – Neulore    
    Mp3 amazon
  • 3 Foot Tall – Classified    
    Mp3 amazon
  • Through The Glass – Atlas Genius    
    David and Jessie in bed and acting in love. Mp3 amazon
  • Live Tonight – Trev    
    Playing in the background while David and his best friends start building his dad’s time machine in his basement.
  • Gettin that Money – Mikel Ross Giffin    
  • Extraverdant – Portland (featuring Kari Kimmel)    
  • Nokia Default Ringtone – Nokia    
    It’s heard during the time they’re filming the experiment.

    Trailer songs:

  • The Sun – The Naked and Famous    
    Mp3 amazon
  • Shoot The Noise, Man – Battleme    
    Mp3 amazon
  • Jungle – Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors    
    Mp3 amazon

    Project Almanac Soundtrack List

    Written by: Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark
    Directed by: Dean Israelite
    Produced by: Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Bradley Fuller
    Distributor: Paramount Pictures

    About the film
    As a group of friends discover plans for a time machine, they build it and use it to fix their problems and for personal gain. But as the future falls apart with disasters, and each of them disappear little by little, they must travel back to the past to make sure they never invent the machine or face the destruction of humanity.
    Sofia Black-D’Elia, Allen Evangelista, Ginny Gardner, Sam Lerner, Jonny Weston
    IMDb Rating
     Project Almanac
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    Project Almanac List Movie (2015) – Tracklist – OST List – Listen to original score and full songs, Theme Music, film score list, the playlist of all of the songs played in the movie, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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