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    Logan 2017 TRAILER SONG

  • Hurt – Johnny Cash
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    Genre: Action & Adventure Directed By:James Mangold Written By:Michael Green In Theaters:Mar 3, 2017 Wide

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    About the film
    Cast: Hugh Jackman as James Howlett / Logan / Wolverine: A physically enhanced mutant with accelerated healing, animal-like senses and instincts, and an adamantium-laced skeleton with retractable, blade-like claws; Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier / Professor X: A mutant who is the world’s most powerful telepath, and founder and former leader of the X-Men; Richard E. Grant as Dr. Zander Rice: Surgical head of the project Transigen, which created X-23.; Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce: A relentless, calculating and intense head of security for a global enterprise, and leader of the Reavers; Stephen Merchant as Caliban: A mutant who helps Logan with taking care of Charles Xavier; Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney / X-23: A young mutant who is the female clone of Wolverine, created from his DNA. Sienna Novikov served as Keen’s stunt double
    Logan Soundtrack Songlist Movie – Tracklist – OST List – Listen to original score and full songs, Theme Music, film score list, the playlist of all of the songs played in the movie, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.

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