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[Chorus:] Just because it’s the middle of the night
That don’t mean I won’t hunt you down
‘Cause something deep inside
Is pulling me and I want you now
You and I should be getting il right
Ain’t no sense in you roaming around
If I can’t have you nobody can
This is an animal speaking that’ll hunt you down

[Post-Chorus:] So baby (woo-hoo)
My love is calling (woo-hoo)
Hey baby (woo-hoo)
My love is calling (woo-hoo)
Hey baby (woo-hoo)
Sex is calling (woo-hoo)
Hey baby (woo-hoo)
My love is calling (woo-hoo)
I om showing my teeth
And I hope you know that look in my eye (hey!)
I’ve got lightning speed
I won’t hesitate to rescue what is mine (hey!)

[B-Section:] Well hold up baby what’s going on?
Tell the truth I wanna know!
Whatchu doing when you gone?
Something say you ain’t clone!
You say “baby keep holding on”
Whatchu mean? I been holding on!
I ain’t never smelt this before
Something say it’s time to goll

Taxidermy is on my walls with a full description of the kill and cause
I’m a hunter
Cupid thank you for what you did
But you can’t aim and get what I get
I’m a hunter

Duck dynasty is cooi and all
But they got nothing on the female’s call
I’m a hunter
Is that a tree or is that camouflage?
Come get eaten by the damn mirage
I’m a hunter

You’re leaving me?
What? I’m supposed to let it go?
You can’t be serious!?!
You know what’s in my blood!


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Hunter by Pharrell Williams Lyrics

Hunter – Pharrell Williams Lyrics

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